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March 21, 2021 by The Citron Review

by Salvador Villanueva

Translated from Spanish by Gustavo Rivera





Salvador Villanueva, born in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, in 1947, studied philosophy at the University of Puerto Rico. He co-founded and co-directed the poetic journal Ventana and the literary journal En el País de los Tuertos; he was a co-founder and co-editor of Ediciones Ricardo Garúa. He has published the following collections of poetry: Poema en alta tensión (1974), Expulsado del paraíso (1981), Fin (1987), Libro de los delirios/La comatosa noche (1989), El corazón en huelga (2009), Jodido (2012).

Gustavo Rivera is a radical educator, writer, translator, literary agent, publisher, Boricua Bestial, and former Master Courier, with recent work published in Apogee, Misery Tourism, and others. He directs SVPRESS, teaches in CUNY colleges, and lives in Brooklyn, NY.


For accessibility screen readers


Also publish our nightmares:


taeper syob

noitaloiv hcae rof stiremed owt

deriuqer si stnerap ruoy fo erutangis eht

yaw taht kniht ot gnorw si ti

seitud ruo dnoyeb cipot a si taht

hcihw noisserpxe dicul a si msirabrab

od ot gnihton sah



Publish, additionally, that I’ve been absent

twenty times sick from intense pains

of the nape.



También publíquense nuestras pesadillas:


natiper sohcahcum

noicaloiv adac rop sotiremed sod

serdap sut ed amrif al ereiuqer es

arenam ase ed ranipo otcerrocni se

soditemoc sortseun ed areuf amet nu se ese 

euq acidul noiserpxe anu se eirabrab al

rev euq eneit adan 



Publíquese, además, que me he ausentado

veinte veces enfermo de intensos dolores

en la nuca.


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