Research Before Google


March 5, 2013 by The Citron Review

by Donelle Dreese


Research Before Google
(A library is a repository of medicine for the mind ~Greek Proverb)

Metal shelves shoulder to shoulder
measured for browsing space

in rows fill a broad room
with the scent of book binding

and history. One isle contains
a footstool, a note pad, and a girl.

The privacy choreographed
but not absolute. She takes it

all in, a marathon runner
each book a roadside vista

on a scenic highway where she
must stop for a blessing.

The boy in the next aisle
closes his eyes, inhales

her perfume, simple and clean
citrus and spring rain.

He traces an isolated doodle
waits like a frozen river.


Donelle Dreese is the author of two poetry collections: A Wild Turn (Finishing Line Press), and Looking for a Sunday Afternoon (Pudding House Publications). Her poetry and fiction have appeared in publications such as Quiddity International, Hospital Drive, Roanoke Review, Appalachian Heritage, Runes, Gulf Stream Magazine, Journal of Microliterature, Gadfly Online, and Conclave. She is an Associate Professor of English at Northern Kentucky University.


One thought on “Research Before Google

  1. Lisa Alexander Baron says:

    What a beautiful imagistic and sensory catalogue of how a library can awaken us to words and ideas. It takes us back to those long sits in our favorite childhood library; how taking a book down from its special space could open a world for us. May shelves of books still rest and wait in our libraries well into the future.

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