Valse Marilyn

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March 11, 2010 by The Citron Review

by Hugh Fox

Valse Marilyn (1927)(Rudy Wiedoeft), “Come on,
baby, turn off that eat-up-the-day crocodille dawn,
pass those biscotti legs over here for a couple more
centuries of

    = ism

already on top (or underneath ) brick streets and my
granddad’s streetcar tracks, L’s, subways, airways,
credit, insurance, pass that retirement house out in
Arizona and when the time-clock quits for the day,
let’s start with the private hair and work our way
forever out of

  saxo –  


Originally from Chicago, Ph.D. from U. of Illinois in American Lit, professor of writing/film at Loyola U. in Los Angeles, Michigan State U., El Instituto Pedagogico in Caracas (2 years), the University of Santa Catarina in Brazil (2 years), the U. of Hermosillo in Mexico (1 year)….110 books published, the most recent THE COLLECTED POETRY OF HUGH FOX (540 pp.) from World Audience in NYC.


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