Summer 2022

Letter from the Editor

Things start out as hopes and end up as habits. 
– Lillian Hellman (1905-1984), playwright, screenwriter, and memoirist


When I was a kid one of the best things about summer was the reading challenge at the public library. Other than the year that the winners received Cubs tickets, I don’t remember any of the prizes. What I do remember is the joy at being able to read as much as I wanted without being told I should go play outside. That summer, I must have been in first or second grade, I read 48 books. I don’t know what the requirement was, but I read and read and read until the very last moment.

Over the past year I listened to books while walking and cooking, and I read a number of poetry collections. In the last few weeks I settled into the kind of summer reading that makes you feel sad when you leave your book in the morning to go to work. I recently read Selma Blair’s Mean Baby, and then I turned around and listened to the audio book. I quickly followed it with Miracle Country by Kendra Atleework. Now, only 46 more books to go before fall gets here!

Our summer issue is filled with the kinds of stories that make you want to stay in and stay up late until you can’t read anymore. I am looking forward to reading the issue from start to finish this evening. Even though I have read them many times by now, once they are published they are new to me again. Being able to encounter the work as a reader is magical every time. 

While I agree with Lillian Hellman that what we do as an act of hope becomes a habit, it’s also true that the habit of reading gives us hope and respite. The editors have put together a beautiful summer issue, and in Zest Eric Steineger has a Q & A with former poetry contributor Rogan Kelly. We’ve also just received word that respected literary journal Wigleaf has recognized four Citron pieces from 2021 in their annual anthology. Congratulations to Juno Elio Avillez do Nascimento, Abbie Barker, Myna Chang and Aditi Ramaswamy for making the longlist. We’re also so proud to see several Citron contributors on the Wigleaf Top 50 as well as the longlist. Congrats to all and thanks Wigleaf.

Thank you to all of the contributing writers for sending us your work.

May hope shine on you and your loved ones this summer solstice.

Angela M. Brommel
Poetry Editor
The Citron Review




Table of Contents


Notes on the selections by Eric Steineger

Kristin Entler A Tickle in Her Throat  
Christopher Ankney Surrender  
Annette Sisson Eating Chå Cá Lã Vong in Texarkana  
Deborah Leipziger Whelk  
Gunilla Theander Kester The Long and the Short Vowels  
Jose Hernandez Diaz Monster  
Creative Nonfiction

Notes on the selections by Charlotte Hamrick

Michaella Thornton
What Comes to Mind When You Call Me A Goddess  
Nicholas Howard
How to Not Write After Supper in the Summer  
Liesel Hamilton Mycteria americana  
Lori Barrett CRONE  
Jared Povanda Extinguish  
Bethany Jarmul Cloudy  
Flash Fiction

Notes on the selections by Elizabeth De Arcos

Catherine Chiarella Domonkos For Sissies Who Cry  
Kathryn Silver-Hajo Snake. Taos New Mexico  
Emily Hoover Sinners to the Back of the House  
Doug Ramspeck Crow Dreams  
John Salter Belladonna  
Jenny Darmody Lost and Found  
Tommy Dean The Romantic Maneuvers of a Tilting Planet  

Notes on the selections by JR Walsh

Milo Projansky Ono
Family Photo II  
Abigail Chang
Melissa Llanes Brownlee
the graduation party you decided to skip  
Nayt Rundquist
Dearest Jonathan  
Aanuoluwapo Adesina Solus  

This issue features an interview with a poetry contributor.

Eric Steineger
Q&A with Rogan Kelly
Author of Morsels of Purple

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