Winter 2014

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“In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.”     –Albert Camus


It’s come the time of year where some of us feel like we wish we could hibernate. For some, winter has come early, and in some places, it has come harshly and unfairly. 

Over the past days, late at night, and in between the moments of life, I got to live here in these pages of The Citron Review. While getting each line of our writers’  work into place, I have felt both quietly honored to be part of the process of bringing these pieces of art into the world, and drunk on this beautiful writing that has been part of my feast this week. 

I’m grateful for my role at The Citron Review, and to know that in a few months, our managing editor will send me an email that says SPRING. Until then, I’m excited to share this issue with you. May you too find something here that soothes your soul – or perhaps takes you someplace else, if even for a moment. 

Jacqui Morton, Design Editor 




Susan Morehouse Spinning Micro Fiction
 Drew Knapp   A first rule for sons still engaging in fistfights Fiction
 AprilJo Murphy Haunted  CNF
 Leonora Desar  Blue Echo Fiction
 Matt Jones  Eliseo, This Isn’t About You CNF
 Kate Sparks  Ghost Bike Fiction
 Melissa Grunow Regimen  CNF
 Daniel Aristi  Four Pieces of Micro Fiction  Micro Fiction
 Kathleen Boyle  The Almost-Symmetry Poetry
 Madison Jones IV  Jim Morrison Believed the Right Words in the Right Order Could Kill You  Poetry
 Rachel Morgan  News  Poetry
 Kathleen Boyle   Moraine Poetry
 Ken Rodgers  Who? Fiction
 Hillary Leftwich  Play Date CNF
 Juliana Gray  The History Tour  Micro Fiction



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