Summer 2019

Letter from the Editor

Humans are vulnerable and rely on the kindness of the earth and sun; we exist together in a sacred field of meaning.
Joy Harjo, 23rd U.S. Poet Laureate

On Wednesday it was announced that Joy Harjo will serve as the 23rd U.S. Poet Laureate. Like many, over the past few days, I have returned to her poems as readers have posted them online in celebration of her appointment.

Before writing this letter I read and then listened to her essay, “A Sacred Connection to the Sun,” featured in 2007 on NPR’s Weekend Edition. She writes, “Humans are vulnerable and rely on the kindnesses of the earth and the sun; we exist together in a sacred field of meaning.” It’s a wonderful essay to spend time with on the first day of summer.

In Citron’s 10th summer issue on this longest day in the sun we bring you stories of vulnerability and meaning. We also offer something new. As part of our 10th anniversary we have created Zest, a place for our editors to share essays, reviews, and other posts in between our four annual issues.

Zest’s first feature is a review written by Managing Editor and Senior Poetry Editor Eric Steineger. You can find his review of Rogan Kelly’s debut chapbook, Demolition in the Tropics as the last item in our summer issue and on Zest’s page.

It’s been an amazing ten years of stories. In September we will publish the fall issue as well as a look back at 10 years of The Citron Review. To our readers and contributors, thank you for being a part of our story.

On behalf of the editors at The Citron Review, happy reading on this first day of summer. We hope it brings you clarity and meaning.

Angela M. Brommel
The Citron Review

ABOVE IMAGE CREDIT: Jill Katherine Chmelko. Connie Hansen Garden. 2019.
RIGHT IMAGE CREDIT: Nathan Elliot. Newfoundland Boy in Paris. 2019.




Table of Contents



Notes on the selections by Eric Steineger

Erik Moellering How Much Snow
Andrea Jurjević Apropos of Balkan’s Last Sworn Virgins
David Galloway My Daughter Haunts
Jennifer Metsker
Kendall Babl
The Adams County Opportunity Center
B.J. Best from Ornithoncology
Melanie McGee Bianchi Alexander Calder and the Curve of Dissolution
Creative Nonfiction

Notes on the selections by Marianne Woods Cirone

Emanuele Pettener
Translated from Italian
by Thomas De Angelis
The Snake
A. Grifa Ismaili If By Cadillac You Meant a Pinto
Julie Watson Odds Are
Kelle Schillaci Clarke Fancy for Broken
Phyllis Reilly What About Me?
Elyse Giaimo When You’re at Daddy’s

Notes on the selections by Elizabeth De Arcos

Anita Goveas Coverings
Mary Grimm The Dream of Her Long Dying
Carla Scarano D’Antonio Knitting
Megan Anning Child’s Play

We’re very excited about this new section of news and reviews.

Eric Steineger Poetry Chapbook Review:
Demolition in the Tropics
by Rogan Kelly


Snow on brush in desert

IMAGE CREDIT: Jill Katherine Chmelko. Protest Road, Winter. 2019.

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