Summer 2015

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‘If you are always trying to be normalyou will never know how                      amazing you can be.’                                      –– Maya Angelou


The words in the summer issue of The Citron Review will get inside that space around your skin. These words sway and buzz. They watch movies. The words here come from all over, from writers who have published award-winning books to an author for whom this is a first publication. This issue contains the winners of our first-ever poetry contest. That is just a little bit about why I love this issue, and that’s why I think The Citron Review is amazing.

Friends, I came to The Citron Review by way of Heather Luby, managing editor extraordinaire emeritus. She recruited me and taught me how to create and connect the pages that comprise an issue. It’s not rocket science, true, but she helped me with all of the strange internet things and answered my emails about how to fix spacing in WordPress late at night. And after some time of our doing that, while she did everything else, she gave me the passwords and made sure we were ready, and I took over as managing editor, with her guidance. Thanks, Heather, for teaching me so well.

I’m excited to work further with our great editorial team – and to welcome Angela Brommel as assistant editor, and Elizabeth De Arcos as fiction editor. It’s an honor to be here, and I am also eager to pass the wisdom on.

For now, I pass these words on to you. Get close to them, let them crawl in.

And thank you, for reading.

Jacqui Morton, Managing Editor



A note from our Sr. Poetry Editor: The Sandburg Poetry Contest 

Roy Bentley Lee in the Orchard, 1865 Poetry
Kim Winter Mako Lotus Flowers Poetry
Jed Myers Forgetting the Game Poetry
Michael Boyko The Town That Becomes This  Poetry
JC Reilly  Asbury Park, 2008 CNF
John Messick Family Farm CNF
Demeter Vaisus  Tilt-A-Whirl CNF
Daniel Lassell  Fish Shopping CNF
Debra S. Levy  Then CNF
Marcy Darin Risk of Elopement Flash
Joel Morris Waiting on a Road at Night Flash
Tammy Delatorre Studying for the S.A.T. Flash
Karissa Womack  Bang Micro
Jose Araguz Twitch Micro
Cristine A. Gruber After the Funeral Micro
Rebecca Ciota Rhino Horn is Not Medicine Micro
Kara Kahnke Fast Asleep Micro

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