Spring 2014

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I want to do to you what spring does with the cherry trees.
Pablo Neruda

For so many of us winter has been a harsh barrage of cold, relentless stinging winds and the endless isolation of white. For others, it may have been warm and light filled, but below the surface the world has been left parched and desperate. Spring offers us the promise of liberation. The cold will be shrugged off and all that has been lying dormant will awaken and rise up.

The Spring 2014 Issue of The Citron Review showcases a careful mix of work by writers ready to rise up, to burst forth and crack you open. This issue embraces the quiet violence of the changing season, the messiness of rebirth, and the truth that no matter how hard the cold earth has packed itself away during winter, what we bury deep always finds its way to the top.

May the words blossom and brutalize your heart.

−Heather Luby, Managing Editor



Jennifer Falkner Desert Sands Flash
Helen Wickes The Vagrant Spirit as the Good Humor Man Poetry
P.J. Sambeaux  Cheap            CNF
Helen Wickes  Harrow Poetry
Devin Galaudet   I Borrowed a Knife CNF
George Dila   In Which I Defend my Decision to Run Away and Join the Circus Fiction
D. Gilson  Layover  CNF
Tyler Koshakow  Matches  CNF
Timothy Gager Nearsightedness  Poetry
Michael Chaney  Night Visitor Fiction
Tara Deal Side Trips in the Interior   CNF
Tina Tocco  Sink      Fiction 
Helen Wickes  Still-Life on the Road to Los Ojos  Poetry
 John Carroll  Suicides  Fiction
 Peter Witte  Intersections Gallery  Photography
 Helen Wickes  The Vagrant Spirit as the Good Humor Man  Poetry

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