Spring 2012


Letter from the Editor

You’ve been waiting a long time for this issue, as have we. It marks the culmination of several events, of several changes—much needed transformation. It may not look very different at first glance, but the behind the scenes operations have been dramatically altered, hence the delay in the publication of the March Issue. Spring brought us change; we offer it to you.

On a personal note, the work load to maintain The Citron Review got to be too much for me, and I decided to step down. In the process of finding a replacement, as you know by now, we found two amazing editors who have picked up a lot of the slack I  left. Their efforts (as well as those of our esteemed Managing Editor, Heather Luby) have helped us refine our vision of our publication, so much so that I changed my mind about leaving. I’ll be staying on with The Citron Review for the forseeable future, because of the hard work and dedication that Heather, Erica, Lee, Antonia and Trish are putting in! 

Here’s more good news: We have officially made the switch to Submittable! See our submissions guidelines for more information and a link to our new submissions manager.  As always, we will remain dedicated to the quality fiction, non-fiction and poetry you’ve come to expect from us. Thanks for your patience, and keep sending us your stunning work!

Good Writing,
Aaron Gansky
Fiction Editor



Lisa Nikolidakis How to Make Soup Flash Fiction
Ashley-Elizabeth Best Presenting Complaint Poetry
Nick Sweet Cafe Society Creative Nonfiction
Kristen Gentry Solution Flash Fiction
Gerburg Garmann Go Meet Them on the Square Poetry
Sue Ann Connaughton The Four Hour Romance  Flash Fiction
Kyle Rene Fall Sonnet Poetry
Vivian Faith Prescott First Contact at Dog Point Creative Nonfiction
Marion de Booy Wentzien A Quick Review of Choices Flash Fiction
Bryan Shawn Wang Lip Gloss Flash Fiction
George Such How My Daughter Learned to Handle Money Poetry
Libby Cudmore Purgatory Blues Flash Fiction
Chad Haskins Breaking Inside Poetry
Nancy Whitley Laws of Motion Flash Fiction
Ray Shea Neighborhood Watch Creative Nonfiction
Dana Masden Standing and Looking (With Someone You Love) Flash Fiction
J.D. Isip The Sticks Poetry
Eva Konstantopoulos I Met a Man Flash Fiction
José Luis Gutiérrez Sleight-of-Hand Poetry
Kirsten Clodfelter We Search for Ghosts Even Where We Know We Cannot Find Them Creative Nonfiction
Danny P. Barbare The Janitor Poetry
Holly Baker Not Long Before the House Burned Down Micro Fiction
Bryan Narendorf October Canning Tanka Poetry

2 thoughts on “Spring 2012

  1. Deborah Gang says:

    Is anyone else having trouble with your site? When I click on submit I get a runtime error page with some gibberish instructions.

    • citronreview says:

      I just went over and checked and everything seems to by okay. I was able to read the submissions guidelines and follow the link to our submissions manager with no issue. Was the error occuring with our submissions manager?

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