Spring 2017

You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.
-Pablo Neruda 

When I was younger I thought that spring was a silly season.

I thought spring was just a way to get to summer, and most importantly, I thought that both seasons were just a way to get to the romance of fall.

With age I have learned that spring is riskier for the heart than fall. In fall we harvest what has been tended to, what has defied the odds. In spring we plant where there is nothing and fall in love with possibility.

The contributors in this issue bring us their stories with great tenderness after what seemed to be the longest winter. Despite all the flowers that were cut, these writers remind us of the truth of spring: after winter losses there will be beauty again.

On behalf of the editors at The Citron Review, we hope you enjoy this issue as much as we do.

Angela M. Brommel
Managing Editor
The Citron Review


Eric Steineger Notes on the Poetry Selections Poetry
Sergio Ortiz
On My Bed Thinking About You Poetry
Maria Terrone
Enough Poetry
Jennifer van Alstyne
Sitting On An Antique Sofa In Weston, Massachusetts On A Summer’s Evening Poetry
Bruce Isaacson
In Havana Poetry
Zach Jacobs Notes on the CNF Selections CNF
Laurie Ember
Salt CNF
Pavle Radonic
Wasted Kiss CNF
Gail Tyson
Timepiece CNF
De Arcos
Notes on the Fiction Selections Fiction
Kelley Lindberg A Canyon’s Secret Fiction
Kathryn McMahon It Would Not Have Our Bones Fiction
Siobhan Welch The Sky Was Electric Blue Fiction
Siobhan Welch Kendrick Court, July 1983 Fiction
Rob Hill
Victory Fiction
Rob Hill Dead Matches Fiction
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