Fall 2016

The fall issue of Citron includes a letter from one of the editors before each genre as a regular feature in this and future issues. In April the guest editors of The Queer Issue included notes about the selections within each genre. We loved how this created a new space for the editors, the writers, and the readers to engage with the work.

On behalf of The Citron Review, we thank you as readers and writers for sharing your stories with us, and for listening to the stories of the contributing writers.


Angela M. Brommel
Managing Editor, The Citron Review



Eric Steineger
Notes on the Poetry Selections  
Ellen Stone
In Wisconsin Poetry
Cheryl Kutcher
The Story I Tell Myself Before Bed Every Night Poetry
Catherine Stearn
Motown Poetry
Sandra Kolankiewicz
This Dry Bed Poetry
Marianne  Woods Cirone
Notes on the CNF Selections  
Patricia Newbery
Guilt CNF
Mona Dash
The Act of Writing CNF
Jennifer L.  Fliss
Sardines CNF
Corina Carter
When Stars Kill CNF
Elizabeth De Arcos
Notes on the Fiction Selections  
Jennifer Freed
 The Lesser Flash Fiction
Anna Cabe
 Unlocked Micro Fiction
Benito Vergara
 Loretta’s Scars Micro Fiction
Lee Cole
 You Are Here Micro Fiction
Thomas Kearnes
This House is Not a Home Micro Fiction
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