Fall 2010

Welcome to the Fall 2010 Issue of The Citron Review. Though we have fewer contributions this month, I think you’ll see what we lack in quantity is made up by the quality of the contributions. Many chose to challenge themselves and undertook our theme for this quarter, the second person point of view. There’s a unique texture to this particular point of view, one that can be very difficult to handle efficiently. I think you’ll see that our contributors this month allowed the POV to highlight the particular timbre of their unique voices in their submissions. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

As much as we enjoyed this quarter’s theme, we’ve elected not to decide on a theme for the Winter 2010 issue. As always, we welcome your submissions.


Aaron D. Gansky
The Citron Review

Curt Eriksen Four Poems Poetry
Donal Mahoney Waiting for Poems Poetry
Diane D. Gillette Lilacs Fiction
Diane Kendig How to Find Deceptive Cognates Poetry
Diane Sherlock The Green Bench Fiction
Michelle Ong The Big Picture Fiction
Ron Riekki Write a Book Fiction
David Cotrone Leather Fiction
Gina Corso Hallelujah Creative
Adam J. Sorkin,
Liviu Bleoca
Marta Petreu in translation
(Romanian Originals)

🍋10th Anniversary

Fall 2019 IssueSeptember 23rd, 2019
4 months to go.

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"Immaculate" by Anne-Marie Hoeve takes us into the secret life of spoons in this carefully arranged micro fiction. https://citronreview.com/2019/03/20/immaculate/ #amreading #thecitronreview #spring2019
Christopher Rabley's "I Can See Her" is his second publication in The Citron Review and we join him in Taipei City for a most trying time. His first nonfiction story is from 2017, "Speak to Me". Please read them together, if you wish. https://citronreview.com/2019/03/20/i-can-see-her/ https://citronreview.com/2017/12/21/speak-to-me/ #amreading #thecitronreview #spring2019
We are expanding our team of editors. This fall marks our 10 year anniversary as a volunteer operated journal, and we look forward to another ten. We love what we do and hope that you will consider joining us. Send your inquiries to citronreview at gmail.com. Open until filled #TheCitronReview #amreading #CreativeNonfiction https://citronreview.com/
We're still reading! All 2019 picks are also eligible for consideration to be included in our 10th anniversary issue this September. 🍋 #callforsubmissions #CitronStories #briefliterature #cheerstotenyears #amreading #TheCitronReview #poetry #fiction #flashfiction #microfiction #creativenonfiction
Abigail Pettit's elegant flash "Moving On" hits a little too close to home. https://citronreview.com/2019/03/20/moving-on/ #amreading #flashfiction #thecitronreview #spring2019
Geoff Martin gives us the goosebumps with a trip into his "Bestiary." https://citronreview.com/2019/03/20/bestiary/ #amreading #thecitronreview #flashcnf #spring2019

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