Fall 2021

Letter from the Editor

I would not sacrifice a single living mesquite tree for any book ever written. One square mile of living desert is worth a hundred ‘great books’ – and one brave deed is worth a thousand.
– Edward Abbey, American author


Mesquite trees can live for more than 200 years. I know a place in the middle of a historic Las Vegas neighborhood where the most beautiful grove remains. A few weekends ago when the temperature was still in the triple digits, the air was still smokey – when fall seemed so far away – I visited the immovable trees. 

For editors at The Citron Review, there has been a lot of movement since last fall. A few editors relocated, and two more are preparing to move. We welcomed new editors and assistant editors, and this fall we are looking for a Social Media Coordinator. 

But some things are as constant as the mesquites. Writers sent us compelling work, and the editors stewarded it into the creation of a robust issue along with a book review and interviews in Zest. Senior Poetry Editor and Zest Editor Eric Steineger reviews Clara Burghelea’s Praise the Unburied. Creative Nonfiction Editor Ronit Plank interviews Jennifer Fliss about her new collection of flash fiction, The Predatory Animal Ball. I also caught up with Citron’s former Assistant Editor, Nick Olson, to talk about his new novel, The Brother We Share.

We are also pleased to announce our nominations for this year’s Best of The Net Anthology. All of these works appeared in issues of The Citron Review between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021. On behalf of the editors, we wish our nominees the best of luck. 

This autumn, may we all find in ourselves one brave deed, and the resiliency of mesquite trees. 


Angela M. Brommel
Poetry Editor
The Citron Review

ABOVE PHOTO: Las Vegas Mesquite Grove, September 2021.




Table of Contents


Notes on the selections by Eric Steineger

Cate McGowan

Falling is the Deadest Thing (A Cento)

Megan Lim Estrogen Gives and Estrogen Takes  
Peter Grandbois There’s no answer to the way the body remembers  
Creative Nonfiction

Notes on the selections by Ronit Plank

Anne Gudger The Artist  
Gary Fincke On Location: A Valentine  
Kay Ugwuede Here nor There  
Whitney Lee The Garden  
Kaidi Stroud Ourobouros  
Sophie Nau I carry my weight in groceries  
Flash Fiction

Notes on the selections by Elizabeth De Arcos

Joe P. Squance Triboluminesence  
J. Isaiah Holbrook Mama Knows Best  
Mileva Anastasiadou We Fade with Time  
Sam Simon Sheets  
Suzanne C Martinez How to Make Fire Prints with John Cage  

Notes on the selections by JR Walsh

Andrew Stancek Rocks  
Aditi Ramaswamy Imbalance  
Hannah Feustle The Lady and the Unicorn  
Kevin Grauke

East Texas, Years Ago

Susan Yim  
Magda Phili Listening to Anna Karenina
Juno Elio Avillez do Nascimento You Told Me I Ruin Six Flags for You, and Honestly, I Hope I Did  
Kimm Brockett Stammen Have You Learned Your Lesson?  
Sudha Balagopal Frozen Biryani  
Eric Mohrman Igneous  

Notes on this issue’s Zest by Eric Steineger

Eric Steineger Poetry review: Praise the Unburied by Clara Burghelea  
Angela M. Brommel Interview with Nick Olson, Author of The Brother We Share  
Ronit Plank Interview with Jennifer Fliss, Author of The Predatory Animal Ball  
2021 Year End Nominations
Best of the Net


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