Citron 10: Spring 2020

Letter from the Editor

yours is the light by which my spirit’s born:
yours is the darkness of my soul’s return

– e.e. cummings, “you are my sun, my moon, and all my stars”

Three daffodils

A decade ago I was interviewing by phone with a faculty member from Antioch who asked what I wanted to work on if I joined the MFA program. I told her my work was long. Really long. I also preferred the narrative was far removed from myself.

I said, I should try to make small work. I find small work – frightening.

Why do you think that is, she asked.

The question hit me in the heart. Well, I hesitated, What if it’s not enough?

This was an awful fear to say aloud. I am glad I overcame it, and I might not have if it had not been for Citron.

As most editors will tell you, reading the work of others is the best teacher. My time at Citron has taught me how much we need small work in our lives, and how much our small words are needed in the world. For that, I am grateful to our contributors for teaching me the gift of brief literature: to write and read in short forms is to take a moment to be only where you shift your attention. This is enough.

Founding Editor Antonia Crane used to say that Citron publishes short forms that shimmer. Over a difficult decade, in this difficult time, these are the days we need the respite found in the shimmering. In short forms we are reminded how powerful small moments can be.


Thank you.

I love you.

In the shimmering light, this is where Citron stories live.

In our spring issue we have two new features. We have reconfigured Micro to include creative nonfiction and poetry, as well as fiction that is 100 words or less. In our second Zest feature, JR Walsh reviews Ghosts of You by Cathy Ulrich. Zest is exciting and ongoing; there will be more in 2020.

On behalf of The Citron Review and its staff, we wish you well. Thank you, writers and readers, for sharing this moment with us. Be sure to send your small work our way.

Take care,

Angela M. Brommel
The Citron Review

ABOVE IMAGE CREDIT: Jill Katherine Chmelko. Spring Trio. 2020.


Table of Contents


Notes on the selections by Eric Steineger

Stephen Scott Whitaker Privacy in a Small Town
Leah Mueller escapee
Michael Lauchlan
Creative Nonfiction

Notes on the selections by Marianne Woods Cirone

Anita Gill What We Can’t Do: A Father and Daughter’s List
Cal Freeman Taste: A Brief Memoir with French Toast and Popcorn
Claire T. Lawrence Opera Mom
Opera Dad
Flash Fiction

Notes on the selections by Elizabeth De Arcos

Mehr-Afarin Kohan The Border Town
 D.H. Valdez Give Me a Break
Kylie Westerlind Dish
Melissa Llanes Brownlee A Primo Place to Stay

Notes on the selections by JR Walsh

Charlotte Hamrick Polaroid
Christina Marie Glessner Click
Samantha Steiner My Closet
Bethany Mangle Dresser Drawer

Our second review for our new section is:

JR Walsh Debut Fiction Review:
Ghosts of You
by Cathy Ulrich

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