Wind Chill Factor


December 22, 2021 by The Citron Review

by Laura Besley


Mother storms in, like the mistral.
After taking her coat, Marian goes to the kitchen to make tea; tea Mother will taste, for propriety’s sake, then leave, her disdain palatable.
Mother’s glances chill the room Marian and I have spent the last six weekends decorating. ‘Shame you haven’t done much with the place,’ she says.
I breathe in. One. No longer will I take this. Two. No longer will I let her trample all over me. Three. Or Marian. Four. I breathe out. ‘Mother–’
She raises an eyebrow. Silence descends, broken only by the rattling of the teacups.


Laura Besley is the author of micro fiction collection, 100neHundred (Arachne Press, 2021), and flash fiction collection, The Almost Mothers (Dahlia Books, 2020). She has been listed by TSS Publishing as one of the top 50 British and Irish Flash Fiction writers. Her work has been nominated for Best Microfiction and her story, “To Cut a Long Story Short,” will appear in the Best Small Fictions anthology in 2021.




One thought on “Wind Chill Factor

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