Ebbtide and Floodtide

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June 20, 2021 by The Citron Review

by Will Cordeiro


Waves somersault and scintilla. Gulls hover, swivel, and shriek, like stardust lost in a void. I follow the tides and ride the gold veins of my blood. Sand’s partitioned into atoms; atoms reform into distant novas. At the shoreline, laced with debris, there’s a harmonious tumult. Insight and outlook exchange places. Sandfleas bubble, scuttling into pinhole burrows. Tiny crabs sidestep over sun-scored rubble. A flux of composition. I feel where the solar energy has written on my skin all day. When I return, I’ll be the foam. I’ll be the wet gleam rendering a stone’s true color.


Will Cordeiro has recent work published or forthcoming in AGNI, Bennington Review, DIAGRAM, The Threepenny Review, THRUSH, and elsewhere. Will won the 2019 Able Muse Book Award for Trap Street. Will coedits Eggtooth Editions and teaches in the Honors College at Northern Arizona University.



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