2021 Best Small Fictions

The Citron Review is proud to announce our first-ever nominations for the newest edition of Best Small Fictions (Sonder Press). This anthology series started in 2015 and was founded by Citron contributor, Tara Lynn Masih. The series editor is now Nathan Leslie and this year’s guest editor is Elaine Chiew.

Best Small Fictions is looking for pieces under 1000 words, which is definitely a good fit for us, since we specialize in Short Forms that Shimmer – plus our word limit for Flash Fiction is exactly that.

Each of these special pieces was first published in The Citron Review during the past calendar year. 

We were lucky to place two pieces in last year’s excellent anthology. They are Melissa Llanes Brownlee’s A Primo Place to Stay” and Mehr-Afarin Kohan’sThe Border Town.

We proudly present The Citron Review’s 2021 nominations for Best Small Fictions 2022.


Abbie Barker, The Apartment Story
Originally published in the Winter 2021 issue

Exodus Oktavia Brownlow,The Proper Way to Peel an Orange
Originally published in the Winter 2021 issue

Hanne Larsson, “The Saltwater Catching
Originally published in the Winter 2021 issue

Suzanne C Martinez,How to Make Fire Prints with John Cage
Originally published in the Fall 2021 issue

Naomi Kim, Crossover
Originally published in the Winter 2021 issue

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