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December 22, 2020 by The Citron Review

As I take on the role of Editor of Zest, I look forward to finding new ways to improve this feature of our journal. Zest is a forum in which our editors review books, post interviews, and get creative with content that supplements the reading experience of our quarterly issues. Zest, which debuted in our summer 2019 issue, started with my review of Rogan Kelly’s chapbook Demolition in the Tropics and wraps 2020 with Online Editor’s JR Walsh’s interview of Jules Archer and a Q & A with Tara Isabel Zambrano by Charlotte Hamrick. In 2021 and beyond, expect reviews of chapbooks, full-length collections and perhaps novels, but other types of creative work will be present too, not just reviews. I thought it helpful to answer a few questions about Zest. 

What type of work will Zest feature?

Zest will prioritize writers from all persuasions, spectrums, and backgrounds that are representative of our readers and writers. Also, Zest will focus on recent work, brimming with energy and craft. I think of the definition of zest that involves energy or the rind of citrus fruit, which contains acidity. Acidity, in wine or food, cuts through fat and acts as a great harmonizer of flavors. We want Zest to have this quality. 

Where can I find Zest?

Zest remains at the bottom of our home page, after our letters and selections in each genre. It’s also in the menu. 

How often will be new material be posted in Zest? 

Typically, new content will accompany the arrival of a new issue, but not always. Sometimes, we may skip an issue; conversely, we may post new content between issues. The quarterly publication of Citron remains the same: on the solstice or equinox. 

Can I submit work to Zest?

Yes and no. There is no formal submission process for Zest, nor is there a channel in Submittable though which to submit work. You are welcome to email Citron with proposals, but most of the time our editors decide which works they want to feature. 

There have been four posts in Zest thus far, and there will be more in 2021. Look for something from our Editor-in-Chief Angela M. Brommel sometime in the new year. Until then, love and light, friends (as Trey from Phish likes to sing).


Eric Steineger
Senior Poetry Editor
Editor of Zest
The Citron Review



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