My Closet


March 19, 2020 by The Citron Review

by Samantha Steiner


My closet has no clothes.

One side: a jewelry chest, a tub of half-used nail polish, a carved Santa presiding over a tree stump.

The other side: a feather quill, a jar of stiff paint brushes, a sewing machine.

The ceiling: a scattering of pale plastic stars.

I close myself inside, and the jewelry chest, the nail polish, the Santa, the quill, the paintbrushes, the sewing machine, and my entire body vanish. Here, I am breath with eyes.

The stars give off a cool light. They appear in the mirrors hidden on the walls, the mirror on the back of the closet door. They glow through nebulae of exhale on glass.

I gaze into my reflection. Little green specks dance under my eyelashes. I stand suspended while billions of miles away, red giants burn.


Samantha Steiner is a visual artist and Fulbright Scholar. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @Steiner_Reads.


One thought on “My Closet

  1. Allison Reiss says:

    A vivid picture โ€“ I am there!

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