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June 21, 2019 by The Citron Review

One of my favorite things about Citron’s poetry is its range and the diversity of voices therein—and that a Citron issue—as well as a Citron poem— has a voice, and the voices have voice. Sometimes I get asked what kinds of poems does Citron accept, or what does Citron look for in a typical submission. My answer, this time, is the kind of poems in our summer issue. There is snow in our summer issue, and not to be contrarian. There is humor, terminal cancer, and levity. There is an examination of technology and subsequent transformation rarely seen in contemporary poetics. There is the perspective of a young girl, smart, and adept at mayhem. There is the true story of Albanian sworn virgins. There is the work of famed sculptor Alexander Calder, with the real exhibit being the passing of a relationship. Somehow, and the quality of the work notwithstanding (the poems are stunning), it all works together. These poems remind me of the value of the humanities and of poetry: to provide perspective on the human experience, and in the case of poetry, though a careful calibration of language, syntax, and craft so that we forget we are reading a poem at all, and our suspension of disbelief needs no tug to pull us into that space of forgetting time.

I hope you’ll carve out some to sit with the poems and the prose (creative nonfiction/fiction). I’m proud to work with such talented writers and editors, and I think the work that is featured in Citron invites a second read.

Enjoy summer.

Eric Steineger
Managing Editor and
Senior Poetry Editor
The Citron Review


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Fall 2019 IssueSeptember 23rd, 2019
70 days to go.

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We have some happy news to share! The Citron Review contributor Amye Archer has joined our Creative Nonfiction editorial team. Let's welcome her! Amye Archer - Author of Fat Girl, Skinny: A Memoir, and is the co-editor of If I Don't Make It, I Love You: Survivors in the Aftermath of School Shootings. (Skyhorse Publishing, Inc., 2019). She holds an MFA from Wilkes University. Amye's work has been published in Scary Mommy, Longreads, Feminine Collective, Brevity, Marie Claire, and more. Amye is mom to twin daughters and wife to Tim. She lives in Northeast Pennsylvania. Follow her at @amyearcher #briefliterature #cheerstotenyears #amreading #TheCitronReview #creativenonfiction
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Creative Nonfiction from our new Summer issue, "What About Me?" by Phyllis Reilly. #TheCitronReview #SummerIssue #Summer2019 #flashcnf #cheersto10years
From our summer issue, "How Much Snow" by Erik Moellering. Erik Moellering teaches English at A-B Tech Community College in Asheville, NC, where he also performs in a variety of theatrical productions. #TheCitronReview #SummerIssue #CitronSix #Summer2019 #poetry #cheersto10years

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