Notes on the Creative Nonfiction Selections

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December 21, 2018 by The Citron Review

Being in relationships is like riding a bicycle—you can’t stand still. Relationships are constantly moving, looking for homeostasis, working to adapt to the newest set of conditions. They inherently breed reactivity. As the “other” acts, we react. But writing and reading about relationships gives us time to turn within, to cultivate that pause between trigger and reaction. We see ourselves on the page; we become more than our limited “I” self: we become a narrator, a character. The distance breeds detachment, and detachment breeds wisdom.

Our creative nonfiction authors this quarter have all tackled the complexity and ever-changing nature of relationships, the push and pull of being in community with others: alike, different, alike, different. In our CNF selections this issue, we see a daughter help her Ecuadorian mother bridge cultural gaps, a teacher worry about her at-risk student, a real estate consultant observe the dichotomies of privilege, a young girl watch her family go up in ashes.

As I write this, relationships at The Citron Review are changing as we welcome an influx of new staff members and say goodbye to others. I’ve had the great fortune of working with Zach Jacobs as my co-editor in CNF for the past two years. Zach is a kind and discerning editor and a brilliant writer. He will be greatly missed. We look forward to seeing more of his writing, which I know will continue to stun readers with its beauty and honesty.

As Zach departs, we’ve been lucky to add gifted new staff members, including Nathan Elliott, a CNF editor who is a talented writer and previous Citron contributor currently living, writing, and teaching in Montreal. Nathan brings a keen eye, a wicked sense of humor, and palpable enthusiasm for literature. Welcome to Citron, Nathan. We look forward to working with you and receiving your insights.

As we reach the end of the year, we wish you all the best through the holiday season, and a happy and creative New Year!

Thank you for sharing this literary journey,

Marianne Woods Cirone 
Creative Nonfiction Editor
The Citron Review


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