Notes on the Poetry Selections

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October 2, 2017 by The Citron Review

Happy fall. As we transition from the hot days of summer to sweater weather, we see, from our news sources, the transitory nature of our world in 2017. Often there is no predicting the natural disaster, the election result, the stock market or the lemon market, for that matter. And we sympathize with those who are affected. In keeping with this change, the poetry section of The Citron Review will not organize poems according to theme in the fall issue.

These poems were the best of the bunch, the most distinctive, and/or the ones we returned to the most: 

Heikki Huotari “Alluvium”

Melanie McCabe “Your Summer”

Natalie Homer “Am I the Only One Here”

Joel Long “Seed”

Let poetry, like good journalism, be solace in uncertain times.

Eric Steineger
Senior Poetry Editor
The Citron Review


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