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June 22, 2017 by The Citron Review

When summer hits, we often think of escaping our day to day, traveling to new, more exciting places, or even just sitting around and doing nothing. Working on The Citron Review is one of my most treasured escapes. My time reading fiction never feels like work or an obligation. Rather, it is a guaranteed time where I get to discover the poignant words of other people.

The Summer Six for fiction, like previous issues, is delivering a handful of stories that stood out to our editors for their images that grabbed us and held on long after we closed our computers. While we do not intentionally read to fulfill a theme, organically we chose work with underlying tones of heartbreak. One of the great universals of life is the devastation we will feel along the way, and one of my favorite elements to literature is the many forms it shows us that heartbreak can encompass. I believe in the fiction selections for this issue. You will find such a theme at work.

Through heartbreak, we get to emerge better people with more understanding of life and the people around us. Our eyes open to new situations, new sympathies, even if we are merely spectators. I think if you venture with us through these fiction selections, you’ll find hope amidst the hurt, maybe even a moment to laugh. I hope you enjoy.

Elizabeth De Arcos
Senior Fiction Editor
The Citron Review


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