Blood on My Shoes

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September 1, 2014 by The Citron Review

By Dargan Dodd


There’s always wreckage underneath each step. War came before me, swallowed by years of progress we call our own. Grass never forgets how to grow, or what it buries.

Dargan Dodd is a native Texan. He shares a home with his stuffed dog, Baxter, who has been his companion and best friend for 26 years, and three ungrateful cats. Previous published work includes “The Monster In The Refrigerator,” as commissioned by his 2nd-grade teacher, Mrs. Adair. Follow him at @DarganDodd or at Reach him


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Photo of child reading on busy subway by Nathan Elliot.

Nathan Elliott. Newfoundland Boy on Montréal Subway. Montréal, Ligne Verte, 2018.

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