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July 1, 2013 by The Citron Review

by Pablo Neruda
–English Translation by Caleb Beissert


In Pucatrihue lives
the voice, the salt, the air.

In Pucatrihue.

In Pucatrihue the evening
like a flag
when raised.

In Pucatrihue.

In Pucatrihue a day
gets lost and doesn’t return
from the jungle.

In Pucatrihue.

In Pucatrihue I believe
I know not why nor when
my roots
were born.

I lost them to the world.
Or I left them forgotten
in a dark, worm-eaten
hotel in Europe.

I searched for them nevertheless,
and all I found were the mines,
the old skeletons
of yellow marble.

Ay, Delia, my roots
are in Pucatrihue.
I don’t know why, or how,
or since when, but
they are in Pucatrihue.


In Pucatrihue.


Caleb Beissert is a poet, translator, musician, and freelance writer from Washington, D.C., now living in Asheville, North Carolina. His work has appeared in International Poetry Review, Tar River Poetry, Asheville Poetry Review, WNC Magazine, and Beatitude: Golden Anniversary, 1959-2009. Beissert’s first book, a selection of English-language adaptations of the poetry of Pablo Neruda and Federico García Lorca, Beautiful: Translations from the Spanish, was published by New Native Press in 2013.



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