For You


December 15, 2012 by The Citron Review

by Catori Sarmiento


For you, my dark self to match your own. I, a charred woman. The canvas covering my carcass is ash, a sculpture of sanded clay. My hair is the color of burnt bronze with a smell of soldered metal and spice. Where my eyes once were are now spheres of ice. And this god of death, a man with your face and an iron voice. A body at once beautiful and rotting; soft skin of lacquer and flecks of flesh hanging from yellow bones. My belly sickens and needs. I would take you, hammer you into me on Hephaestus’ anvil.

How you tousle your hair when you talk to me. A smile on your face and a your eyes a sinister black. A happy boy speaks. A tenuous man answers. The beautiful lies and wretched truths we tell are captured, closed, in a glass box trimmed with gold.

We two on a stiff bed, white polyester sheets, the room veiled in a pink hue from colored lights overhead. Moans of sex come from a television flashing pornography. I entrap him in my languid legs, grasping, tugging on that smooth black hair. Splashes of heat rise up to my skull from my tailbone. I’ll plunge you into the milky water and hold your head under until you drown alive. My heart is a dense nebula collapsing into a dusty cloud –a stellar eruption–to create a swirling fireball of joviality and disaster.

I hold a knife but the hand is yours, skinning my chest, my back, splitting my carcass into two even halves of primal cuts, then butchering me until my meats are briskets, chucks, flanks, and ribs.

Lips form words of faithfulness. Tongues bite back cravings.

These deceitfully loving, things we do entwine together like so many rusted wires.


Catori Sarmiento is an author who publishes fiction, non-fiction, and poetry in several mediums. Though growing up in the Puget Sound area of Washington state, she has traveled throughout much of the world and lived in Italy for a period of four years. Professionally, She is an English and Writing Professor at Central Texas College, Pacific Far East Campus in Tokyo, Japan where she currently lives with her husband.


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