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September 14, 2012 by The Citron Review

by David K. Wheeler


Be it rapid in darkness
Be it quiet in mornings
held ransom from bleak hours
and kept all to ourselves
Be it eager

Be it quixotic an endeavor
a topiary congress on the lawn
Be it unrealistic like the only feats
worthwhile, in the ways all romance

Be it unashamed as the first
of many to try and to accomplish
Be it met with thunderous applause
with thank you thank you bravo
then with reverent silence

Be it urgent
Be it fervent so
the heat between us never cools
but runs one to another and back
to weld pieces of our piecemeal bodies
never to relinquish each other

Be it warm vivid skin
simple as seawater
the horizon
open to the earth’s very curve
Be it still
the refreshing wave it was
when we were kids
tired as we have become


David K Wheeler is the author of Contingency Plans: Poems (T.S. Poetry), which was shortlisted for the Melville House 2011 Booksellers Choice Awards. His writing has appeared in The Morning News, The Gay & Lesbian Review, Burnside Writers Collective, and The Pacific Northwest Reader (Delphinium/Harper).


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