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September 14, 2010 by The Citron Review

by Ron Riekki


Sign a contract. Get screwed on the contract. Have it be a small press. Have a friend read it. Have him go through a paranoid-schizophrenic phase. Have him think he’s a character in it. Have him give you a death threat. Get your first royalty check—$25. The IRS takes it. Get another death threat. Write another book. Duck.


Ron Riekki’s novel U.P. has been one of Ghost Road Press’s top ten bestselling books for 75 weeks and counting, http://www.amazon.com/u-p-R-Riekki/dp/0979625564Gypsy Daughter Press is publishing two upcoming poetry chapbooks of Riekki’s entitled Leave Me Alone I’m Bleeding and I Want to Date a Girl Who’s a Rage Against the Machine Fan: Poems about Love, Death and Heavy Metal. His play All Saints’ Day: 44 Poems about Jeffrey Jones is performed throughout the month of September to kick off Ruckus Theatre’s 2010-2011 season in Chicago. Just like everybody, he’s a big fan of Buffalo ’66, Placebo, Sarah Kane, Edgar Allan Poe, and the Detroit Pistons.


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