From the Founder


July 2, 2009 by The Citron Review

As a recent graduate from a prestigious MFA Creative Writing program, I have, as have my peers, been bombarded by a singular question: So, what now?

The implication is simple. What does one do with an MFA in Creative Writing? For us, the answer was simple: the same thing we did before we had our MFAs: read, write, repeat, though not necessarily in that order.

Now, as the “experts,” my peers and I have banded together to create a new (to us) literary venture–the online literary journal. We’re well aware that there are numerous online literary journals already established. We seek to differentiate ourselves by focusing on the short form: Micro-fiction, Flash-fiction, short poems, and photography (including digital arts). The idea is that these pieces, though short, can still pack a punch. They can still live on long after the selection is read. Often, they require multiple readings and intent attention to detail. They’re grueling to write, and rewarding to read. What we offer is art that can be internalized quickly, but revisited daily–an impact that resurfaces and lives on. We aim to deliver the best of the best of the short form. Our only theme is beauty like a fist: fast and impactful.

We hope you enjoy as much as we do.

Aaron D. Gansky


2 thoughts on “From the Founder

  1. Lisa Richter says:

    Love the Citron graphic!
    I look forward to reading upcoming “flashes.”
    Lots of luck to you all.

    Antioch Heliotrope

  2. a. says:

    How exciting! I didn’t know you guys were starting this. Let me know if you need any help with anything.

    I do miss you lovely yellow fellows.


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