Summer 2013

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Welcome to the Summer 2013 Issue of The Citron Review. In addition to the talented writers we are showcasing in this issue, we also have exciting news to announce. The Citron Review has been growing rapidly over the last year, our readership has grown more than 175% in the last twelve months alone. This increase has given us the opportunity to increase our staff and better serve our literary community.

We are delighted to welcome Jacqui Morton, Kat Kambes, Karly Little and Jeff Edwards to The Citron Review. Please click over to our About the Editors Page to read more about these vibrant writers and the experience and passion they will bring to TCR in the months and years to come.

Thank you for reading, sharing and growing our publication.
TCR Staff


Emma Burcart Block CNF
Lisa Baker The Agate Miner Poetry
Michael A. Kiggins Confounding Variables Flash
Andrea Spofford The Pine Effect  CNF
Sarah Kravitz Sinking into the Earth Flash
Jeremy Freedman Pessoa in New York, Diver, Floating Girl, Dancer, and   Half-Seen  Photography
Honor McElroy The Paper Cut Out of an Explorer Flash
Nels Hanson First Night in Missoula  Poetry
Nels Hanson Gift in Autumn Poetry
Seth Clabough How to Get Arrested Flash
Anthony Santulli Sorry For Your Loss CNF
Kait Heacock The Storyteller Flash
Peter Ciccariello Scared Rabbit & Scared Rabbit Redux Series Digital Art
Sheila Meltzer Bologna  CNF
 John Gifford Pusher   Micro
Honor McElroy Ink Flash
Jim Ruland Succumb  CNF
Rob Shapiro Charlotte  Flash
Caleb Beissert Pablo Neruda’s Orinoco Poetry Translation
Caleb Beissert Pablo Neruda’s                   Ode to Federico García Lorca Poetry Translation
Caleb Beissert Pablo Neruda’s Araucaria  Poetry Translation
Caleb Beissert Pablo Neruda’s Pucatrihue Poetry Translation
Katherine Soniat River Porcelain   Poetry
Katherine Soniat Milk Porcelain Poetry
Katherine Soniat Not Porcelain  Poetry
Katherine Soniat Emergence   Poetry

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