Fall 2014

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 “Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art
–Leonardo da Vinci 

Every writer I know, whether they are published or still toiling yet unrecognized, share a very important commonality–a perversity of spirit. The writer Rufi Thorpe used this phrase in a recent issue of Poets and Writers and it struck me as such an universal truth. How could we as writers keep pressing forward if not for a complete spirit of contrariness for the world around us? If we weren’t all grinding it out every day for the satisfaction of proving the world wrong. Perversity is defined as a deliberate desire to behave in an unreasonable or unacceptable way. To this I say, damn straight. Isn’t the best of life and art born from this desire? I think so. I also like to think those who champion art are responsible for helping feed the spirit of artists another day. On that note,  I’m delighted to serve up our Fall Issue. May it feed the artists and readers alike.

Heather Luby, Managing Editor



Dargan Dodd  Blood on my Shoes  Micro Fiction
Jennifer Popa A Flesh Like Ours  Fiction 
Donna Vorreyer Devoured             CNF
Nicholas Reali  Moonlight Mile Fiction 
Vivian Witkind Davis How to Sleep  CNF
Hun Ohm Photographic Memory #2  Fiction
Michael Nagel  Pint Night at the Filmore  CNF
Symanntha Renn  Spirit Tree – Joplin, MO  Photography
J.R. Toriseva Burdock Shrine  Poetry
Rachel Unkefer Stolpersteine  Poetry
J.R. Toriseva Carriage Poetry 
Autumn McClintock Celebration     Poetry
Jay Merill Ice Cracks  Fiction
Mark Liebenow Eating Grief   CNF

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