Notes on the Poetry Selections

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December 22, 2022 by The Citron Review

Our Winter selections are filled with honest poetry about love and desire, loss and forgiveness, and the yearning for something more beyond our constraints in the natural world. These intimate selections bring the reader closer with first-person narratives that do not seek to be anywhere other than the moment at hand. 

These are poems that invite us to travel where the poet goes. In “Sitting Outside Her Door” Jim Daniels takes us on a walk at night that leads to a reflection on love and loss, “and yet and yet/here I am/awake in the glory/of her absence.“ On another walk, this time in a canyon, “Under the Buck Moon,” Katie Kemple writes of desire, “No regrets./Worth the burn of your gaze at middle age,” and then ends with, “I dive into the deep blue sheets of our bed.” 

Beginning with the memory of “braiding and gathering/ broken ceramic,” the presence of nature is more than setting, more akin to witness in “Ash to Soil” by Nicolette Ratz who tells us, “When I said I forgive you,/I didn’t.”  Also epistolary, in “devotion poem in branding” Autumn Koors Foltz addresses the reader and the intended,  “let’s write love songs. i sweet dream your constant/ comment.”  

And other times, poems place the narrators on the edge of human-made spaces against something more and memory. Sheltered from the cold and wind, the speaker in Scott T. Hutchison’s “Flies and Moths,” puts his “hand against the cold window pane,/rife with ancient smears of flattened palms/and wishes to briefly soar.” Our final selection is an intimate poem set on a porch one morning, as the grandmother in Jak Emerson Kurdi’s “My Grandmother’s Eyes” tells her grandson that with her medical condition his grandfather “looks just like the Boy Scout/I married, but twisted/like a carnival mirror…” 

No matter the season of these stories or your own, I’m wishing you a wonderful winter read.

Angela M. Brommel
The Citron Review


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