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June 1, 2014 by The Citron Review

Thomas Gillaspy Dark Doorway

Dark Doorway

Thomas Gillaspy demattias

Thomas Gillaspy Pillar


Thomas Gillaspy Deyoung


Thomas Gillaspy Wall



I’m interested in capturing the essence of a moment and stripping it down to its fundamental elements. I look for the stillness in the busyness, the silences on the periphery of the day’s commotion. These photographs were all taken in busy settings: a street corner in San Francisco, a research facility in Boulder, Colorado, and a bookstore in Petaluma, California at the height of the holiday season. I choose a minimalist approach because I want to eradicate distraction, distill the moment in its unique intensity and energy.


Thomas Gillaspy is a northern California photographer with an interest in urban minimalism. Further information about his work and publications are available at:


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