Behind the Name

Why “The Citron Review?” What is the significance?

Several members of the editorial board of “The Citron Review” are graduates of the prestigious MFA in Creative Writing program at Antioch University of Los Angeles, one of the top five programs of its kind in the nation. In June of 2009, Aaron Gansky, Antonia Crane, Trish Falin and Judy Sunderland all received their MFAs as members of the same graduating class, dubbed by Antioch, “The Citrons.”

As a highly educated, highly motivated group, the four decided that they were not content simply writing. Instead, they wanted to immerse themselves in the varied avenues of literature, specifically editing and publishing. Additionally, they all have a passion for the short form–powerful prose that packs a punch. With this unified vision, The Citron Review was born.

In 2011 Editors Heather Luby, Lee Stoops and Erica Moody, also graduates of Antioch’s MFA program, joined the team. While not official “Citrons” they share the same passion and commitment to outstanding writing.

Camillias, by James Ducat


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