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received_10207081688353954Jennifer Ettelson Besmehn (Fiction Editor) lives in Houston, Texas with her husband, three boys (24, 22, 7), two big dogs and one elderly cat. She has an undergraduate degree in English Literature from Rice University and two graduate degrees – an M.Ed. from University of Houston and an MFA in Fiction from Antioch University in Los Angeles. She has lived and taught abroad in China, Japan, and Spain and is currently working on a novel.




Angela M. Brommel (Managing Editor, Poetry Editor) is a Nevada writer with Iowa roots. Her work has been featured most recently in The North American Review, All of Us: Sweet: The First Five Years, Helen, and 300 Days of Sun. She is the Director of Arts & Culture and a part-time faculty member at Nevada State College.

HedwikaHedwika Cox (Fiction Editor) is a mother, tutor, writer with a BA in English from Texas State University and an MFA in Fiction from Antioch University-Los Angeles. Her fiction and poetry has appeared in Zoetic Press–Alphanumeric, Red Paint Hill, Annotation Nation, Swirl, and others. She has also served as a Fiction Editor at Torrid Magazine as well as an Assistant Editor at Black Denim Lit.


ElizabethElizabeth De Arcos (Fiction Editor) lives in Northern California with her husband and three young boys. She has a B.A. in Secondary English Teaching from Grand Canyon University and worked as a high school English teacher for ten years. She also has an M.F.A. in Fiction from Antioch University Los Angeles. She has written one novel, but aside from one tiny short story, is still chasing publication.

Eric Steineger (Senior Poetry Editor) teaches full time at Mars Hill University and periodically in UNC Asheville’s Great Smokies Writing Program. His work has been featured in The Los Angeles Review, Tinderbox, Asheville Poetry Review, and elsewhere. As a poetry organizer for Black Mountain College Museum, he enjoys coming up with themed events, which have included the South, Surrealism, and Carl Sandburg. Part of his mission as an educator is to promote North Carolina’s literary heritage, hence his involvement with BMCM and The Friends of Carl Sandburg at Connemara.

Jeff's PictureJeff Edwards (Fiction Editor) is a novelist and short story writer. He is a recent graduate of the MFA Creative Writing Program at Antioch University, Los Angeles. He is 27, and a native Upstate New Yorker that currently resides in Los Angeles.



Past Editors

 Antonia Crane (Founding Editor, Fiction & CNF) Antonia Crane is a writer, visiting professor and performer in Los Angeles. She teaches Media Writing at UCSD to students who know more about Tumblr than she does. Her memoir about her mother’s illness and the sex industry was published by Barnacle Books in March of 2014. Her other work can be found in The Heroin Chronicles, Soft Skull Press’ Johns, Marks, Tricks & Chickenhawks: Professionals & Their Clients Writing about Each Other, The New Black, The Rumpus, Dame Magazine, Salon, PANK magazine, Black Clock, The Believer, Frequencies, Slake, The Los Angeles Review and lots other places. Find her scaling Griffith Park mountain and find more of her work here: http://antoniacrane.com/ or on Twitter @antoniacrane


Trish Falin (Founding Editor) is a Southern California poet whose work has appeared in the journals Soundings, Penumbra, Welter, Dash, Askew and others. A former news reporter and editor, Trish earned her MFA in Creative Writing Poetry at Antioch University in Los Angeles in June 2009. Non-fiction work published has included travel books and text books for carpenters. She can be found at studio no. 5 in Huntington Beach where she spends time painting. Recent works can be found at www.trishfalin.com.


Aaron D. Gansky (Founding Editor) In addition to being a loving father and husband, Aaron D. Gansky is a novelist, and teacher. In 2009, he earned his M.F.A in Fiction at the prestigious Antioch University of Los Angeles, one of the top five low-residency writing schools in the nation. He is the author of the novel The Bargain (2013, Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas) as well as Firsts in Fiction: First Lines and (along with Diane Sherlock) Write to Be Heard. He broadcasts his knowledge of crafting fiction on his podcast Firsts in Fiction and on http://aarongansky.com/. You can find him on Facebook and follow him on Twitter @adgansky. Currently, he is writing a YA Fantasy series called the Hand of Adonai which you can read at http://aarongansky.com/hand_of_adonai.


Heather Luby (Managing Editor) is really nothing more than a girl from the Ozark Mountains that grew up with dreams of writing stories. Her work has appeared in Word Riot, LITnIMAGE, WIPs, Bartleby Snopes, Emerge Literary Journal, Halfway Down the Stairs, and other places. She is a Creative Writing Instructor with St. Louis Community College. She has an MFA from Antioch University Los Angeles and her novel Laws of Motion is represented by Brandt and Hochman Literary Agents. When not conversing with the characters of her imagination, she can found wrangling two willful and beautiful daughters around the suburbs of St. Louis, MO. Read more at http://heatherluby.com/.


Erica Moody (CNF Editor) received her MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University Los Angeles. She’s also studied literature at Tulane University, New York University and Trinity College Dublin. Originally from Mer Rouge, Louisiana, she currently resides in Washington, DC and is Associate Editor of Washington Life magazine, where she launched a book column. Prior to the magazine world, she worked as a copy editor for the Association of Writers and Writing Programs and as an entertainment news writer. She’s at work on her first nonfiction book.


Jacqui Morton (Managing Editor, Assistant Editor, CNF Editor) loves and works in Massachusetts where she lives with her husband and two sons. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst  and an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University, Los Angeles.  Her poems and essays have appeared in places such as the Guardian, Salon, Drunk Monkeys, The Rumpus, and Role Reboot. She is the author of a chapbook of poems, Turning Cozy Dark (Finishing Line Press, 2013).  She loves pizza and the woods, and writes every moment she can.

Lee Stoops (Senior Fiction Editor) grew up building forts, disappearing into wilderness, and telling stories around campfires. With an MFA from Antioch University, he writes and teaches in the Rocky Mountains of south central Idaho. His work has appeared in Bartleby Snopes, Writer’s Digest, Annotation Nation, The Provo Orem Word, and other places. Read more at www.leestoops.com.

Judy Sunderland (Founding Editor)
is a free-lance writer living in Torrance, CA.  She previously wrote for The Poughkeepsie Journal and was Editor-in-Chief of the Dutchess Chronicle.  In 2009 Judy earned an MFA from Antioch University, Los Angeles and has no idea what she wants to do when she “grows up.”  Judy has a very eclectic employment history and considers any job to be fodder for her writing career.  Past positions include working as a receptionist for a mental hospital, preparing personal income taxes, tutoring English at a community college, routing ambulances and tow trucks, grooming horses and maintaining technical manuals for the United States Army, Navy and Air Force.  She is proudly married to a rocket scientist and the love of her life, Dr. Dave, an internationally known Karaoke stylist.


Camillias, by James Ducat


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