Fall 2009

September 4, 2009 by The Citron Review

Welcome to our inagural issue. Enjoy!

  1. Nate Hansen Father’s Day Micro-Fiction
  2. Telaina Eriksen Frisky Non-Fiction
  3. Mira Ptacin Harvest Non-Fiction
  4. Patrick O’Neil Scent of Death Non-Fiction
  5. Jennifer Rhodes Fictional Author Non-Fiction
  6. Dennis Fulgoni Sunday on Fire Non-Fiction (craft)
  7. Eric Steineger The Considerable Laundry Poetry
  8. Lisa Cheby Puerto Sagua, Collins Drive, South Beach Miami Poetry
  9. Lisa Cheby Blink Poetry
  10. Autumn Carter Spring Poetry
  11. Autumn Carter Things We Find on the Ground Poetry
  12. Autumn Carter Resolutions at the End of the World Poetry
  13. Autumn Carter If You Should Forget Me Poetry
  14. Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo End of Summer Poetry
  15. Lauren Schmidt Parany Poetry
  16. Scott Miller A Practical List of Dos and Don’ts Poetry
  17. Lisa McCool-Grimes Prayer Over Dinner Poetry
  18. Lisa McCool-Grimes Hammer to the Mango Seed Poetry
  19. Lisa McCool-Grimes Noah’s Wife Grieves Poetry
  20. Adrienne Friedberg Tropical Theme Bat Mitzvah Poetry
  21. Piper Ferguson, Photographs

Art Credit: James Ducat, Cameillas, 2016

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